There is a common belief among motorists that the frequent change between the types of engine oil in the car causes damage to the engine, and that it is necessary to stick to the use of a specific type of oil. Is this belief true or false?
Auto experts answered that oil plays an important role in protecting and preserving the engine from damage, as it performs many tasks inside the engine, including working to lubricate the metal parts inside the engine to prevent friction and breakage, and it also works to reduce the engine temperature, in addition to absorbing impurities and dirt.

Experts are advised to follow the car manufacturer’s instructions regarding the specifications of car oil, through the information booklet, to determine the best oil for the engine, because each engine has specific oil specifications and viscosity.

The experts added that it is possible to change the brands of engine oil if an oil with the same viscosity and quality required by your car is used, and it is preferable to use synthetic (synthetic) oils, as they are of higher quality than mineral oils, with a commitment to changing the oil on the specified dates approved by the car manufacturer. .