Black smoke coming out of the exhaust is one of the common problems that may affect some cars, especially old ones, as it is assumed that the exhaust gases resulting from the fuel combustion process are transparent and invisible, but if there is a problem with the fuel burning system or the exhaust exhaust system ( The smoke from your car changes color to either blue, white or black.
The emission of black smoke has great damage to the environment as it causes us pollution, as well as several damages to the car engine, and given the seriousness of this problem, today we present to you the most prominent reasons for the exit of black smoke from the year of the car and how to treat it.

– If the oxygen sensor “exhaust sensor” is damaged or defective, the oxygen sensor must be cleaned or changed if it is damaged.

– If the engine injectors are clogged or dirty, in this case the atomizer cleaning fluid that is found in gas stations must be used and the atomizers are cleaned.

The air filter is clogged or damaged, and black smoke comes out as a result of not enough air to enter the combustion process in the engine, so clean the air filter or change it in case of damage.

If you do not change the oil for a long time, it may also lead to black smoke coming out of the exhaust, so the oil change must be maintained on time.

– If black smoke comes out after refueling abnormally, this indicates cheating and mixing the fuel, and here you must go to the service center and withdraw the fuel as well.