A car air conditioner is one of the indispensable necessities in cars, especially in our Arab region where temperatures are usually high, so it must be maintained and periodic maintenance carried out on an ongoing basis. Air conditioner at high speeds.

To answer this question, imagine with us, dear reader, this situation, that while you are driving the car at a speed of more than 120 km per hour, for example, and the engine cycles are high, about 3000 revolutions in RPM, and in the presence of this heavy pressure on the engine, then suddenly you turn on the air conditioner to start the compressor work in Great pressure remained on the engine!

Certainly, the car engine and the compressor will be damaged at the same time, especially in old cars in particular, as if the air conditioner is turned on at the start of the car or while driving at low speeds, and with the gradient in speeds, the compressor works for a period and stops for another period, and is compatible with the work of the car engine .

As for operating the air conditioner for the first time while driving at a high speed, it is not similar to the previous case in the automatic start and stop process, as running the air conditioner will have a stronger impact on the compressor, and this can be seen through the sound it will emit directly.

Repeated operation of the air conditioner at high speed causes damage to the engine and compressor, as we mentioned, so experts advise when operating the engine while driving, that the speed be reduced to 60 km / h, for example, and then turn it on and raise the speed gradually without a problem.