The best thing you can do to maintain the car is to do its regular maintenance, but there are some drivers who neglect the maintenance of their cars, which exposes them to many malfunctions, so car experts have recommended setting a schedule for the parts that need periodic maintenance.

The experts set a period of 3 months or 4800 km, whichever comes first, to examine the parts and fluids that we will reveal here, and they are as follows:

1- Inspect the belts and ensure their safety, such as engine and dynamo belts, and replace the damaged ones.
2- Verify the level of the transmission fluid and its lack of it, its quality and not losing its wife.
3- Examine the battery and the liquid inside it, and not to form chemicals on its electrodes, and ensure the integrity of the electrical cables.
4- Checking the cleanliness of the air filter and not being clogged or damaged, to ensure the efficiency of the internal combustion process, and the car’s running without problems.
5- Check the engine oil and make sure it is valid and not lacking, so as not to cause engine malfunctions.
6- Inspect the hose connections to ensure that there are no cracks or fluid leakage.
7- Check the power steering oil and make sure that it does not decrease and leak, so as not to affect the operation of the steering wheel.
8- Be sure to inspect the exhaust system, pipes and its rubber.
9- Examine the condition of the tires and the absence of bulges or cracks in them, because any damage to the tires increases the possibility of exploding while walking.