Some motorists ignore the periodic maintenance dates for their cars in order to save money or out of preoccupation, and this behavior is wrong as it is counterproductive, because it increases the risks of cars being exposed to malfunctions, which increases the disbursement of money in order to repair these malfunctions, so periodic maintenance of the car must be carried out On time to preserve it from malfunctions and increase its life span.

Auto experts advise conducting a number of periodic checks and maintenance for some parts of the car to reduce spending on repairs and maintaining cars, and we review these tips in the following lines.

1- Check tires
Tires are important parts of cars necessary for the process of driving, and they must be constantly checked and ensured that they are safe, and that their validity period of “4 years” does not expire, so as not to be damaged, which puts you at risk.

2- Changing the spark plugs
Spark plugs are responsible for releasing the first spark needed to start the car, and they must be checked and the damaged ones replaced. Like the rest of the car, they have a shelf life that will be damaged if it exceeds “90,000 km.” If neglected, it negatively affects a number of other parts such as the dynamo and coils.

3- Change the engine oil
Engine oil has great tasks in the performance of the engine and protecting it from damage, so it must be maintained on time, and the shelf life of the oil is often 3,000 km, or according to the type of oil you use, which sometimes reaches 10,000 km.

4- Check the brakes
The brakes are one of the most important safety parts of the car, so if you feel a change in strength or a sound from them, you must immediately go to a service center to treat the matter.

5- Cooling system
The cooling system in the car depends mainly on the radiator, which is one of the main parts in the car, which works to reduce the engine temperature and preserve it from damage, so it must be checked periodically and to check the water level and supply it if it decreases.

6- Check the battery
The battery is one of the main parts in the car necessary for the operation process and is responsible for operating all the electrical parts and circuits in the car, so it must be maintained and maintained so that it does not get damaged quickly and the driver has to pay other money to buy a new battery.

7- Air filter
The air filter is responsible for purifying the air entering the combustion chamber of the engine, and in the event of its blockage, the air entering the engine decreases, causing a number of malfunctions and weakening the engine’s work, as well as leading to increased fuel consumption, which increases the expenditure of money.