It is known that car maintenance at official agencies is the most secure and relaxing step to ensure the efficiency of this maintenance, but sometimes you need to go to independent maintenance centers, perhaps because it is cheaper, so what is the impact of this on the warranty of your car?

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has regulations related to this issue, and we show you some maintenance that can be carried out in independent workshops without the vehicle being out of warranty:

1- Changing the tires: The prices of tires outside the agencies are usually much cheaper than their prices in the agencies, and they are among the parts that can be changed without any risk to the warranty.

2- Changing the brake parts: It is recommended to change them at the agencies to ensure their safety, but you can change them outside the agency, but make sure that they are original spare parts.

3- Changing simple things in the car: such as car wings, oil tanks, small electrical parts in the car, and front and rear windshield wipers.

4- Change the oils: You can change the oils outside the agency, especially since many agencies do not include changing the oils within the periodic maintenance of the car.

5- Filters: whether air, engine or brake oil filters.

6- Air conditioner gas: The air conditioner gas can be easily refilled outside the agency to save time and money.

7- Simple maintenance, such as changing the speakers and maintaining some small malfunctions of the windows or the CD player.