A set of important tips for motorists, if followed, to maintain their cars and extend their life, which contributes to reducing maintenance costs.
In the following lines, we will show you the most important tips to maintain your cars, as follows:
1- Carry out periodic maintenance on the car on a regular basis, in order to preserve the engine and the rest of the various parts of the car for as long as possible.
2- Not to drive on unpaved roads, in order to preserve the tires and air suspension parts from rapid damage.
3- Not to wait until the fuel in the car tank runs out, so as not to cause damage to the parts of the fuel system, such as the fuel filter, gasoline pump and sprayers, and the site advised the need to fill the fuel tank before it reaches the middle of it.
4- It is preferable not to use the car when making short trips and traveling the distance on foot, due to the incomplete oil cycle in all the engine when walking for a short distance, in addition to the greater fuel consumption.
5- Not to use the transmission to change the gear to a lower speed to slow the car while traveling at a high speed, and to use the brakes instead, so that the transmission does not suffer from many malfunctions.
6- Be sure to put the car in a garage, in order to protect the car from the scorching sun, which may cause damage to the car’s exterior paint, and the interior furnishings as well.
7- Not leaving the car without driving for a long time, which may cause damage to its various parts, such as the battery, fuel tank, and brakes, in addition to the tires that will lose air inside them from the length of the parking lot.