A large segment of consumers resort to the second-hand market to get a car that suits their financial capabilities, due to the high prices of new cars.
Given the great importance of the engine and being the main part in the car, and without it it cannot be moved, experts advised that the engine should be checked well before making a purchase decision.
But because many people do not have enough experience to check this important part, today we show you simple ways to check the engine and check its efficiency without the help of a technician.

Noisy sounds or vibrations
If you notice a loud and annoying sound from the engine, especially when starting, or the engine vibrates abnormally, these indicators indicate engine malfunctions and problems.

Exhaust color change
You must monitor the color of the exhaust emanating from the outlet, by pressing the accelerator pedal in the car for several times quickly, in the event that you find a change in the color of the exhaust, whether it is white, black or blue, it indicates problems with the engine.

(Source: Square Net)