The use of automatic gearbox helped ease driving, especially in crowds, but what is wrong with automatic gearbox is the high cost of maintenance, so it must be taken care of and maintained, but some drivers do wrong actions that cause problems and malfunctions of the gear, and today we review the most prominent of these wrong actions.

1- Changing gear modes without stopping
Some drivers, when parking or driving, change the gear modes from D to R, or vice versa, without stopping the car completely.

2- Landing the slopes in neutral
Some drivers believe that descending slopes on the neutral position helps reduce fuel, in fact it may reduce a very small percentage, but on the other hand, this action is very dangerous, because it reduces the driver’s ability to control the car, which means that in the event of an emergency situation, The driver may not be able to maneuver his vehicle.

3- Use the neutral mode frequently
Also, in order to reduce fuel consumption, some drivers resort to taking advantage of any opportunity to stop the car and change the gear mode to the neutral position, then when moving it changes the mode again to move, and this is repeated a lot, which helps to quickly damage the gearbox.

4- Hard press the fuel to the neutral position
Some drivers, after buying cars, press hard on the accelerator pedal while putting the gear on the neutral position, in order to raise the engine revs to the maximum degree in order to test the power of their car engine and to hear the sound of the engine, but this action may cause damage to the gearbox.