All motorists want their cars to be strong and fast, but there are many reasons that reduce engine power and slow down the speed of the car, which causes inconvenience to car drivers, so we will review here today the causes of this problem.

1- If there is a problem with the complete combustion of the fuel inside the car engine
2- If the spark plugs are weak or damaged
3- If the air filter is full of dirt and dust, or if the filter is damaged
4- If the fuel filter is clogged or damaged as a result of dirt or impurities that come from the fuel tank
5- If the oil is lacking in the car engine, or it has lost its viscosity, or it is filled with impurities and dirt
6- If the car air conditioner is turned on, especially in the hills, and the engine is weak
7- If there is a problem with the exhaust system in the car
8- Case of damage to the disc and cylinder for the transmission in the car
9- If there is a problem with the sprinklers
10- If the fuel quality is poor or mixed with water