None of us knows about the car like its manufacturer, so you should always refer to the car manual booklet to provide information about its maintenance, details and tips related to it, and here we review the top 10 points that you should pay attention to when looking at it.

1- car settings
With every new car that comes on the market, manufacturers add a newer technical feature to differentiate it from the older ones.
Therefore, through the brochure, you will know those features, including adjusting the car’s lighting, audio system, adjusting the driving seat and steering wheel, etc., and without reading the car’s manual and familiarizing yourself with the available options and ways to adjust them, you will not enjoy all the capabilities of your new car.

2- Tips for better driving
Since every car in the world has some weaknesses, every company has to give its car owner a guide to get the best driving of his current car.

3- How to check fluids
Methods for checking car fluids vary according to their type, there are some fluids that must be checked while the car is hot, such as transmission oil, and there are oils that must be checked and the car engine is cold like engine oil.

4- Solutions to common problems
Your car guide contains many tips and solutions to the most common problems that a driver may encounter, and they can be solved in a simple way.

5- Technical information
All technical information about the car can be found in the car brochure, including the dimensions of the car, its weight, the degree of paint, the car’s load, the engine’s power and capacity, and others.

6- The most suitable tire pressure
Not all tires have the same pressure, but they differ according to the type and size of the tire, and a review of the manual will show you the ideal pressure for the vehicle.

7- Cleaning the car
The car contains a group of different materials, whether metal, plastic, bag, leather, fiber, and other materials, and each has a different cleaning method from the other, and the car booklet contains recommended safe cleaning methods.

8- The functions of some things
Changing the model and categories of cars, accompanied by the addition of some tools and keys that have additional functions, in order to provide comfort to the driver and the capabilities of the car itself, and the car manual contains a complete map of the car keys, their function, tips and warnings.

9- Warning lights in the dashboard:
With the many capabilities of the car and with the new models, the warning lights differ from other cars, so there will be some bulbs that you have not encountered before.

10- Factory Warranty
Each company guarantees its car against manufacturing defects, but what is included in the warranty of each company is different from the other, so you should check the matter by reviewing the car manual that contains what is covered by the company’s warranty against manufacturing defects.